Which 1 EHR Can Be Your Practice Manager

How an EHR Can Help

These days EHR software happens to be incredibly advanced. They do not just help you store patient data but can also essentially run your practice for you. These days EHR software can do it all; from scheduling your appointments to looking at your billing and fixing it for you. In this piece, we will be outlining how EHR software can help you manage your practice. In this day and age, the software can do it all. To learn how you can choose the right EHR for helping manage your practice. 

In this piece, we will outline various EHR software you can employ at your practice to help you determine whether or not the software will be the right call for you. So if you are interested then keep on reading as we will take you through a variety of EHR options that can be good practice managers for you. From iKnowMed EHR to AdvancedMD; we will give you details about it all to help you determine which is the right choice for you.

Best EHR for Practice Management in 2021 


The first software on our list is iKnowMed EHR because of the various wonderful features it has that help you manage everything. The integration feature in this software allows you to make things so much simpler because you can integrate all your software in one place. You can add your billing and other management software to iKnowMed which helps you take care of everything regarding your practice in one place. The charting feature in iKnowMed also helps you make patient notes and charts quickly. Not only this, with the iKnowMed charting feature you are able to easily organize all your patient charts. This helps make things so much easier for you and your staff. All in all, this is great software for managing your practice seamlessly. 

AdvancedMD EHR

After iKnowMed, the EHR on our list is AdvancedMD which has a plethora of great features. The first feature within this software we would like to highlight is the billing feature. This feature alerts patients of unpaid bills and sends you reminders for them as well. This helps you automatically keep track of bills so that you do not have to worry about anything. The telemedicine feature in this software is another great thing we want to tell you about. This feature helps you make and attend patient appointments virtually. This means you can simply be at home and attend patient appointments. 

Kareo EHR

The Kareo feature which makes it a great option for practice management is the dashboard feature. This feature is so simple to use and so user-friendly that you are easily able to get used to it and avoid the learning curve often associated with new software. This means you can hit the ground running with this software and ensure that you do not face any issues. The claims feature in this software helps you file claims in no time at all since it automates a large portion of filing claims. This helps you file claims in no time at all and thus gives you the opportunity to make things simple to manage. The software also allows for claims to be thus reimbursed much sooner and much quicker as well. 


The next software we want to tell you about is Epic EHR which is a well-known software. This software is incredibly popular and owns the biggest share in the market. The feature we want to talk about is the patient charting feature. This feature helps you make things so much easier because you are able to chart patient data in half the time than you were able to before. This helps you reduce the time it takes per appointment as well. The software also has a handwriting recognition feature that reads your handwriting and converts it to digital text. This is incredibly helpful and means you do not have to rely on an assistant or anyone else to read and convert your notes digitally as you can do it yourself easily! 


The last software on our list is NueMD which is a very popular EHR option as well. This software has a number of wonderful features which make it a top choice for several practices. The patient onboarding feature helps you manage everything so easily. This feature helps you take care of new patients who are joining your practice which helps you make things so much easier than ever before! The last feature in NueMD we want to tell you about is the reporting and analysis feature which helps you analyze data and patient information with no worries at all. This feature allows you to make things easier to understand. You do not need to hire someone to analyze data for you since the software easily does it for you! 

Which EHR Should You Invest In

Now if you are wondering which EHR you should employ at your practice well we cannot make this decision for you. However, we can help you come to your own conclusion. We suggest that you read as many reviews for the software you are considering as you can since this is a good way to decide whether an EHR is a good option for you. We also suggest you ask the vendor for a demo of the software. For example, asking for an iKnowMed EHR demo will help you determine whether this software is the right choice for you. 

All in all, we are sure that whatever software you choose for yourself will make a good option for you and your needs. 

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