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How to integrate dried flowers into your decoration?

Dried flowers into your decoration

Pampas grass, papal coins or cotton flowers, dried flowers are far from out of fashion. Their little vintage side will bring an offbeat style and a lasting decoration to your interior. Also, dried flowers will be ideal for brightening up a dining room, living room, or wedding decoration. Stock up on ideas to integrate dried flowers into your decor!

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# 1 Pampas grass to flesh out a bouquet

Highlight your little flower bouquet by adding a few branches of pampas herbs. Thus, you will transform a simple bouquet into a magnificent decorative element. Its imposing size will allow you to fill an empty corner in a living room or bedroom. In addition, the bouquet will bring a warm side and a little rustic touch to your decor.

For fans of dried flowers, know that pampas herbs go well with all kinds of flowers. Roses, cotton flowers, or even branches of eucalyptus, each bouquet will be sublimated with some pampas herbs! On their own, they also form a very beautiful bouquet and will soften the decor of your room.

# 2 Flower wreaths for a minimalist style

If you like refined decor, the flower crown is for you. Indeed, its minimalist side will bring a charming touch of decoration to your interior. Also, you can hang your wreaths on a wall or turn them for a more airy and mobile style. This very fashionable trend decorates our interiors delicately and straightforwardly. You can also hang a wreath on your front door to embellish your landing. Swadeshi Samachar

The little extra? Flower crowns are very easy to make yourself. All you need is a wooden circle or a metal wire to hang the flowers you want. For a more wintery decor, also add macrame around the circle. You will thus achieve a superb floral wall decoration and uniqueness for your interior.

# 3 A suspension of dried flowers above a table

Are you looking for ideas to decorate a table? How about adopting the hanging dried flower solution? For the decoration of a wedding or to impress your guests during a meal, compose a beautiful suspension using dried flowers. To create an impression of volume:

  1. Mix pampas herbs with colorful flowers.
  2. Add olive leaves and some eucalyptus branches to add some greenery.
  3. Hang everything using a pretty hemp rope or transparent fishing line for an impression of lightness.

# 4 A bouquet of dried flowers in a basket

For this, form beautiful bouquets of dried flowers and arrange them in wicker baskets. You can then hang them on a coat rack or a wooden ladder to brighten up an entryway. This decoration is out of the ordinary and will bring incredible charm to your interior.

# 5 A mottled bottle as a soliflore

If you like to browse in secondhand markets, you will indeed find some nice glass bottles. As soliflores, they will give the final touch to your interior decoration. Instead, opt for a bunch of papal coins and a few sprigs of lavender to add color—ideal for enhancing a wooden sideboard or a table decoration.

In a bathroom, use a bouquet of cotton flowers and beard wheat branches to create a soft and restful ambiance. And if you want to bring your touch of originality to your bouquet, replace the glass bottle with a beautiful empty perfume bottle.

# 6 Use a demijohn to spruce up your bouquet

To bring a vintage touch to your decor, place a small bouquet of dried flowers in a beautiful demijohn. This famous glass carboy returns to the front of the stage by inviting itself into our decoration. As well used in our interior as in the decoration of our exteriors, the demijohn will perfectly highlight a bouquet of dried flowers.

To enhance your decor, also mix the sizes and colors of your demijohns. Finally, place them on the ground, in your garden furniture, or on the steps of a staircase in your home.

# 7 A floral note for the decoration of your candles

The latest trend of the moment is candles decorated with dried flowers. In addition, you will find more and more in independent decoration shops and small trendy cafes that offer decorative objects and sometimes even pairs of shoes.

The flowered candle is also a great gift idea for all decoration fans. A subtle and original way to integrate dried flowers into your interior!

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