How To Stay Safe In A Hospital With A Covid Ward

The past couple of years has become a time where health is given priority more than ever. When Covid-19 struck the world in 2020, it started a global-scale battle to protect the health of the people. Every place, especially those for public use, started implementing protocols to control the spread of the virus. This is more apparent in medical centers where people susceptible to health risks go.

Health-related establishments are at risk of exposure to viruses. And so, it is only right to take preventive measures in these places at all times. Aside from being a place where Covid-19 positive people are admitted, medical centers are also a place where immunocompromised and people who have comorbidities are being taken care of. This makes medical centers a risky place for those who are not in their best health.

Thanks to modern technology and innovations in the field of medicine, experts can look into the virus and study it. Because of this, they were able to design different mechanisms to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and strengthen the immunity of the people. These mechanisms have greatly helped medical centers to adopt practices to keep the establishments safer.

But, what exactly are the safety measures health establishments are enforcing? Here are some of them:


The Covid-19 virus is transmitted through droplets from coughing. These droplets can be inhaled directly through air or touched when it gets in contact with surfaces. One of the best ways to prevent these from occurring is to keep the areas clean with contestant disinfecting practices. Cleaning exposed surfaces is a good preventive measure by killing the live viruses before they come in contact with other individuals.

Deep cleaning the areas where most people go is also a common practice not only in health establishments but in public places as well. Viruses are invincible to the naked eye and it seems like the world is in a battle with something you cannot see. Make sure that diligence in cleaning and disinfecting will lessen the fear among people as well as their chances of being infected.

Physical Distancing Protocols

Since direct contact and exposure to the virus is the fastest way to infect a person with Covid-19, it is important that people are following physical distancing protocols at all times. Each individual should keep their distance at least one meter away from each other. In order to enforce this in health centers, markers are placed on the floors or walls. At the same time, chairs are also marked to make sure that there is a gap between people in public areas.

Most importantly, preventing public areas to be crowded is observed strictly. This makes visitation stricter for patients by either limiting the number or making the visitation process rigid for all. In some cases, a swab test is required. In other cases, a separate area is allotted for visitors.

Contact Tracing

Contract tracing is an effective way of controlling the spread of the virus. This works by taking the contact information of everyone that comes in and out of the establishment. On the occasion that someone who also came gets tested positive for Covid-19, everyone that might have gotten exposed to them is contacted and monitored. 

Being in public places makes everyone susceptible to catching the virus. The danger there is once infected, you might not be aware of from whom you got it or how. Systems in organizations and management make it possible for people to trace their actions when needed. This also helps by giving the exposed individuals a heads up on possible exposure so that they can go through self-monitoring or self-quarantine.

PPE Sets For Health Workers 

The health workers are responsible for ensuring a healthy society. They are on the frontlines of the world’s battle with Covid-19. This also means that, among others, they are the ones who are most exposed to the virus and are at greater risk of contracting it. This makes their jobs in hospitals and health centers risky for their health and their life.

One way to protect the health of the personnel is to require them to wear personal protective equipment or PPE sets. PPE sets often include face masks, safety goggles, gloves, face shields, and protective coveralls. This makes sure that the important areas of their bodies are guarded against exposure. These sets are disposable and must be changed multiple times in a day. And so, constant supplies are needed so health workers will not run out of them.

Key Takeaway

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown everyone the importance of staying healthy and responsible. This is rooted in a time when risks are at an all-time high and are affecting the lives of the people. Therefore, institutions and individuals alike should exert extra efforts in making sure that other people and themselves are protected from the virus.

Health centers are some of the places where these efforts are being strictly and responsibly enforced. From disinfection to requiring medical personnel to wear PPE sets, every practice is planned with caution and deliberation. This can help you have confidence in stepping into health establishments to receive help from professionals. 

Covid-19 is also a time when people are scared for themselves and their families’ lives. And while this is understandable, it is also important that safety should come from yourself first. Being aware and learning about the facts will equip you to function better. It will also guide you to make mindful actions for others.


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