Tips for finding the best international preschools in Japan for your little ones

The early years of life are the most educational for your child. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available on early childhood development if you are a new parent studying. Therefore, the idea that there might be a clear five-step approach to selecting the best schools in Tokyo may seem a bit redundant.

Different types of preschool can be useful for different types of children, and there are several different types to choose from. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable international preschool in Japan for your child. This post will share some guidelines to help you get started in choosing a preschool for your child.

Quality of teacher-child interaction

Teachers can be difficult to understand, and you are often not sure if they are being kind and honest about your child’s growth and well-being. Kids, on the other hand, can’t keep a poker face. Watch out for them.


Do they rush to the instructor and feel good around them? Do they make eye contact with the instructor and try to get their attention? What do teachers say when a child tries to show off, as many children do when a new person enters a room, and how does the teacher respond? Was the young man afraid of getting into trouble?

The way young people interact with their teachers can say a lot about the health of their relationships.

School time

Adjusting to preschool can be difficult for children who have never participated in structured programs outside the home. Many preschool programs last only half a day or only a few hours a day.

Children tend to get bored and tired quickly, which is why the half day program is perfect for them. On the other hand, some Japanese international schools offer full-time programs which are very suitable for people who need to work full-time.

The benefits of a full day preschool program for older preschoolers are many because they need to learn and practice many things to be successful in the future. Younger children should not be employed for long periods of time; You can study for a few hours and then play or sleep for a few hours.

Ask about the available programs so you can choose which one is best for you at Japan International School.

Get recommendations and plan tours

It’s good to have multiple sources for knowledge and advice. If you want advice for preschoolers, you can start by asking your friends and relatives or other parents. Plus, preschool fairs are a great opportunity to learn more about schools in your area and to meet other parents.

After compiling a list of potential colleges, you should visit each one in person. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the school’s admissions process and philosophy, and may even give your child the opportunity to gain experience in one of the classes.

Private or public school?

Some preschools function primarily as feeders for private primary and secondary schools. Other preschools serve as feeders for public primary schools in surrounding districts. Find out where most children fall on your preschool tour. For this reason, you may want to enroll your child in an affiliated kindergarten with your primary school so that he or she has friends before entering kindergarten.

 Get to know the principles and faculties

For those who have a lot of questions about the school but aren’t sure who to ask, the school administrator may be the right person. Most administrators are very open to meeting with school assessment staff and resolving any pressing issues you may have.

Ask at the school reception if you are considering the availability of the principal only to make an appointment by calling the school’s main number. Make sure you are prepared for every question you need to ask!

You need to find the best international preschools in Japan for your child so you can be sure that they will receive the best basic education and upbringing.


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