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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the most popular housing society near Islamabad and Rawalpindi among investors. This home project’s key selling point is its affordability, which is something that every investor appreciates. This real estate project is part of Prime Minister Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, as we all know. Finally, keep reading to discover more about Kingdom Valley investment opportunities.

Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley

Because of its proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Kingdom Valley is an attractive housing society for inhabitants of the twin cities. The affordability aspect is at the heart of this housing community, allowing all Pakistanis, particularly those in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, to live a high-end quality living.

Location of the Kingdom Valley in Islamabad

Before investing, every investor considers the location. Furthermore, the Kingdom valley location is convenient for people of the twin cities and is close to the Islamabad International Airport. The M2-Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad), Chakri Road, and Srinagar Road are all nearby.

Master Plan for Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley

The master plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad is remarkable. Furthermore, the housing project offers a wide range of plots. This housing society offers a variety of benefits and advantages. All of these amenities are also available to inhabitants of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The plots available in this real estate project are all quite inexpensive. Despite this, Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a variety of healthcare services, educational opportunities, water, electricity, parks, and recreational spaces.

NOC and Status of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Before investing in any housing project, a NOC is required to ensure that all laws are in order. As previously stated, this housing program is part of the Prime Minister Naya Housing project, which promises to offer houses to all Pakistanis in need. As a result, under the government housing program, this is a lawful project.

Payment Plan for Kingdom Valley

The government housing project includes Kingdom Valley. As a result, the Kingdom valley payment plan is affordable given the people’s economic circumstances. There is also an installment plan in place to help future investors and residents. The down payment must be paid by the investors. In addition, the payment schedule ranges from PKR 975,000 to PKR 13,000,000.

Why should you put money into Kingdom Valley?

Every investor’s desire is to invest in a high-end, opulent housing society. The kingdom valley Islamabad is here to serve its investors, with all the pleasures and privileges. Continue reading if you want to learn why Kingdom Valley is a good investment.

Environmentally friendly

The Kingdom Valley Master Plan Islamabad promotes an environmentally friendly housing community. Furthermore, the housing society encourages residents to participate in a planting drive in order to build a healthy and peaceful atmosphere.

Center for Customer Service

Kingdom Valley, like any other housing society, focuses on its investors and inhabitants. As a result, a customer care center has been established to respond to all of the visitors’ and investors’ questions. And it is their primary goal to assist their investors and visitors as quickly as feasible.

Provision for the Graveyard

Death, like life, is a difficult fact to comprehend. However, it is unavoidable, and everyone must confront it at some point in their lives. Furthermore, the kingdom valley has maintained a graveyard for its investors in order to assist future inhabitants. As a result, residents may bury their deceased loved ones close to them.

Health-Care Units and a Learning Center

Education is critical in raising people’s living conditions. In addition, the royal valley has set up an international level education system for its future citizens to address this issue. Furthermore, health care units will be there to treat any emergency, enhancing lifestyle and quality of life.

Business Center

The kingdom valley is always willing to assist its citizens. Furthermore, in order to promote economic growth, this housing society will provide a variety of commercial options to its future inhabitants and investors. Finally, commercial zones will make it easier for locals to create enterprises and earn money for their own benefit.


On the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Kingdom Valley is the best housing complex. The affordability of this housing community is its defining trait. This housing society is part of a government housing project, as we all know. Furthermore, the location of this real estate project is well-known. It is close to the M2-Motorway and Islamabad International Airport. Finally, this real estate project is a must-invest if you want to improve your living quality at a reasonable price.

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