Leggings Room vs Shirt Room – What’s the Difference?

Leggings Room vs Shirt Room – What's the Difference?

Leggings Room System this is a system with advantages such as greeting time similar to a shirt room greeting event, and a higher level of touch compared to public rooms. Accordingly, the ‘leggings room? Isn’t it just a piece of cake that just changed the outfit from a white shirt to leggings and raised the price?’ I think some of you will think like this. The first answer to that is “no”.

Let’s see what the difference between leggings room and 강남 셔츠룸 is and what advantages and features each have.

Shirt room value for money

It is a concept room with changing clothes as a type of room and pub. Originally, it was a lingerie room with a concept of changing into lingerie (slip), but it has been settled as a shirt room since around 2010. There is no second car, and the water level is basic and it can be touched depending on the minds of the sisters. The time is from 90 minutes to 80 minutes as of now It is in a reduced state and the price is cheap enough to say that it is the lowest among Gangnam rooms, but the proportion of older sisters with good size is falling.

Leggings room size

It is a new type of business that was created in 2019, and it is a concept room with changing clothes just like the shirt room. The reason TC is more expensive than other types of business is that it is basically composed of older sisters who are good enough to wear leggings, and their appearance is also high. In fact, because all of the inflows from high-priced industries such as Chowo and Tencafe (in the case of high-priced industries, more than 500,000 won in TCC for 3 hours without rotation), you can enjoy it at a high level in terms of size and mind.

Gangnam Room Salon, Shirt Room, Leggings Room Manager Linda Service Mind

Reconnaissance system Gangnam Room Salon price information (leggings room cost, shirt room price) disclosed

Infinite choices are available when receiving a reservation, and after arriving at the store, you can view it again when receiving a bill… I will never see the shameful face of the chief executive.

I will do my best to provide accurate advance information and make a choice with no regrets, which is my duty to avoid disappointing those who have believed in me and came to visit me.

Important matters directly related to your satisfaction and satisfaction when using the salon, such as the current status of the girls going to work, the expected number of choices available when guests arrive, waiting time, etc. (If it is not good from the customer’s point of view) I’ll give it to you.

A good service mind, a beautiful and sexy so-called ‘Room Salon Ace, Shirt Room Ace’, sometimes has no choice but to become my wife.

Director Linda fully respects the tastes and decisions of customers, but if you choose the older sister who is more likely to suffer internal injuries or the older sister in the unfortunate situation mentioned above, I will respectfully express my opinion.

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