Private Security For Events

Security at events

Hiring security for an event becomes a priority when planning an event of these characteristics. Crowds of people at events pose a risk that must be minimized and controlled by the organizers, whose main objective is that it takes place in a calm and orderly manner and that the safety of both facilities and workers and visitors is guaranteed at all times all in accordance with current regulations. Class-Act Security Protection is a company specialized in private security services for events, whether they are inaugurations, local and private parties, fairs, festivals, sporting events, macro concerts and, in general, any event that brings together large numbers of people. Thanks to our long experience as Security Company for events and a team of professionals, we are able to prepare personalized plans in which a preliminary study is made of the space where the event will take place, possible risks are analyzed, protection measures and action plans are planned. Every detail is important to ensure that the unlikely does not happen and to ensure Event Safety and success. That is why organizers do not hesitate to hire private security services for events.

Security staff for events

Our security service for events is backed by our professional experience and our highly qualified experts. A security guard for events is not just someone in uniform, but a professional prepared to carry out their activity correctly. Our staff is carefully selected and prepared to perform this type of service and to react appropriately to possible risks and adversities that may arise during the control of large masses. Their training is approved by the Ministry of the Interior and they are also updated with continuous training, which allows them to learn about the latest developments within the sector.

Class-Act Security Protection is a security company specialized in private security for events, which offers a personalized solution capable of guaranteeing security by taking care of all the details.

Comprehensive security plan for events

Event security is a fairly complex job that requires a high degree of coordination and communication, whether it is a small social celebration or a large event, and requires planning that ensures the prevention of any type of serious incident.

That is why at Class-Act Security Protection we develop comprehensive security plans that basically consist of:


  • For this, we evaluate the main risks according to the type of event, taking into account the profile of the attendees, type of venue, location, accesses, parking, exits, possible evacuation routes, etc. Likewise, we take into account signage, location of first aid points, clear emergency doors, means of fire extinction, etc.
  • In this phase, the previous one is put into practice, checking that we have the necessary security personnel for events located at specific points. Our security guards are capable of establishing the necessary controls, protecting the most vulnerable areas such as evacuation zones, emergency exits and first aid areas, among others.
  • Through an operations plan with sufficient and perfectly organized security personnel for events capable of effectively handling any incident and minimizing the impact that it could produce.

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